ALOMIX by ALOJAS is the answer to our customers’ plant-based application challenges.

Our Food Academy team works closely with customers to develop solutions that meet their needs and expectations.


ALOMIX comprises a range of ready-made sustainable ingredients solutions. By using a variety of techniques such as blending, texturization, extrusion and granulation we are able to solve our customers application challenges.


Our specialists has created a range of plant-based ingredient solutions suitable for a wide range of plant-based food products. ALOMIX includes cheese and meat analogues, dairy free ice cream and emulsions, and a number of solutions for gluten free bakery and snack products. Each solution is specifically tailored to meet our customers requirements.


ALOJAS core value is sustainability. Our focus is to develop food solutions using ingredients obtained from sustainable agricultural practices, mild processing, minimising environmental impact and preserving, as much as possible, the natural characteristic of these ingredients in the final food product. Our specialist team develops plant-based, clean label, gluten free, vegan solutions which have the lowest possible impact on the environment.


ALOMIX C series – Cheese analogue solutions


Solutions for various vegetable cheese analogues such as spreadable cheeses, block cheeses, shredded cheeses. The range includes clean label, sustainable, texture solutions. In addition, we offer tailor made solutions with specific flavour, taste, texture, colour and melting properties.


ALOMIX IC series – Dairy free ice-cream


Solutions for plant-based ice creams which have been developed to deliver the same sensory experience that you get from classic full fat ice creams.


ALOMIX M series – Meat analogues


Meat analogue solutions designed for a wide range of different meat analogue applications. In addition to whole and minced meat solutions we also have solutions for pates and other emulsion type meat analogue products.


ALOMIX GF series – Gluten free bakery


Gluten free product solutions designed for a broad range of bakery products –including butter cookies, sour dough breads, waffle cones and tailor-made baking mixes. All produced in our 100% gluten free production facilities.


ALOMIX BM series – Baking mixes


Solutions for a variety of bakery applications and needs such as, clean label, organic, high protein, plant based, sustainable, and high nutrition value products.


ALOMIX ES series- Emulsion sauces


Our protein concentrates, especially, Brown pea protein concentrate are ideal for wide range of emulsion sauces. In combinations with other sustainable ingredients, we had developed complete plant-based and vegan solutions for mayo type, pesto or other emulsion sauces.


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