Our factory

ALOJAS is headquartered in Latvia. Our raw materials, potato, pea, and fava bean, are sourced within a 600-km radius of the factory. Food Ingredients such as starches, flours, and other specialty products are made out of these crops using the most sustainable production methods.

We are uniquely committed to being the global supplier of sustainable food ingredient solutions that customers can trust.

Sustainability is a never-ending journey. Our recent actions include:
Raw material sourced from a few hundred km around the factory 
Collaboration in other countries for the sourcing and processing of crops by local co-manufacturers
Utilization of mild processes (e.g. dry fractionation) in our own and partners factories 
Collaboration at market for texturized vegan protein and extruded products to minimise transporting air
Energy used is from renewable sources and our medium-term plans are for self-generation 
Water from our own wells 
Car park will be modernised to accommodate hybrid and fully electric cars
Research programs in collaboration with universities for objective measurement of sustainability
Sustainability is a shared value among our employees. They will go the extra mile to make our dream come true