Our key challenge is to find common, new, measurable and scientifically based solutions to create sustainable food products

Sustainability is fundamental to who we are and what we do. To maximise the food manufacturing sustainability opportunities collaboration is essential. Establishing a network of external partners opens a world of possibilities for never-ending sustainability opportunities.

Through participation in research programs every aspect of the value chain is challenged to create new agricultural technologies (e.g., new seed varieties), new products, production technologies, energy systems and sustainable transportation methods etc.

sustainability food manufacturing
Sustainability is a journey and we believe that only through collaboration will it be possible to build sustainable value chains for the future
We are a member of the “Organic Processing and Trade Association Europe” (OPTA)
We are one of the founding members of OPTA, which is a European organization of leading organic processing and trading companies that want to develop and promote sustainable, organic food production and food products. OPTA is the exchange platform for the leaders in the European organic food sector to share ideas and best practice. The values of OPTA and ALOJAS are closely aligned, working together for sustainable food value chains and food products.
We are active in the EUROPULSE project
The EUROPULSE project aims to enable Europe’s transition to a resilient, sustainable, and healthy food system by developing the knowledge and processing technologies to promote the production and consumption of protein-rich, sustainable, and minimally processed pulse-based foods. The consortium aims to demonstrate that a food environment built around innovative plant-based foods from local pulses is an efficient and effective pathway to a sustainable healthy diet. EUROPULSE takes an integrated approach towards food technology, nutrition, and consumer science. Using this approach it tries to address the barriers that currently restrict the use of pulse’s more widely in foods and thereby promote more sustainable and healthy food practices.
The Latvian Food Bioeconomy Cluster is a cluster organization, one of the most developed and internationally active bioeconomy clusters in the Baltic countries. The organisation fosters cooperation between its members and external partners to promote knowledge and technology transfer, develop new products, technologies, and innovative solutions. In addition it aims to promote modernization, competitiveness, growth of export capacity and innovation capacity of the cluster members.