Plant based protein

New processing line for legumes

ALOJAS is proud to announce that a new legume processing line has been installed and is fully operational. The excellent work of our inhouse development and engineering teams made it possible for the project to be realised in a very short time frame. This new line allows ALOJAS to further meet the needs of our customers and continue to offer world class products.


In addition to the installation of the new line ALOJAS also obtained all necessary quality certifications to provide both organic and non-organic products from different pea and fava bean crops.


ALOJAS mild processing technology allows the production of protein concentrates, starchy flours and granulated hulls using the most sustainable production methods.


ALOJAS disruption of the plant-based protein industry through the use of mild processes provides sustainable solutions for vegan, clean label, and gluten-free products. ALOJAS protein concentrate production method is based on a dry separation process which does not require the use of water and consumes much less energy, therefore it is more sustainable and better for the environment compared to other protein concentrate manufacturing processes.


With the installation of our new processing line our brown pea and fava bean protein concentrate products have been significantly improved by increasing the protein levels. Our yellow pea protein concentrates and starchy flours are excellent alternatives to other similar competitive products worldwide.


ALOJAS core value is sustainability. During installation of our new legumes line the choices we made were driven by sustainability criteria. Thus, providing our customers with sustainable world class products and maintaining a desire for long-term cooperation.

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